Professional Telephone Answering Service - Professional answering service 877-921-1300 offered by A Professional Image, Inc. gives your business a personal touch and a competitive edge.
Our answering services are specialized for doctors, physicians, commercial businesses and legal establishments.
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"I used A Professional Image's service for over 20 years. They are dependable, reliable, professional and friendly. Many people have a preconceived notion of what an answering service is however, if you try API, you will find their superior service exceeds that perception. I trust them with my business and never worry about missing calls! Thanks API!!"

Andy, CEO
Financial Planning Company

Professional Telephone Answering Service

A professional answering service gives your business a personal touch and a competitive edge. Rather than getting a voice mail message when they call in, your customers, clients and patients speak with a friendly and competent-sounding operator who can offer immediate assistance. A voice on the other end of the line may help you keep potential new clients from calling the competition. According to a recent survey, eight out of 10 people said they would hang up and try another number if they got a machine instead of a live person.

One key advantage of using a professional answering service is voice mail screening. Many of the people who call in after 5 p.m. are looking for basic information like office hours, street addresses and answers to billing questions. You can set up a response protocol that instructs the operator to answer general questions or simply have the operator tell clients to call the office first thing in the morning.

Respond to After Hours Emergencies Using a Professional Answering Service

Answering services are essential for on-call professionals, such as doctors and repair technicians. If your business depends on repeat business and loyalty, your customers need to know you'll be there in the event of an emergency. Look for a telephone service that not only sends a page or text for emergency calls, but also makes follow-up calls to ensure the safety of your clients.

At A Professional Image, we offer national telephone support to Phoenix businesses. For more information, call us at (408) 921-1300 or (877) 921-1300. To customize your on-call protocol, send an email to our sales team.

We specialize in providing fast and quality legal answering service, doctors and physicians answering service, commercial business answering service and other professional answering services.
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