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Our professional answering services are specialized for doctors, physicians, commercial businesses and legal establishments.
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"Our office has used a few answering services over the past 25 years. When we got ready to make the change, we were a bit apprehensive. However the transition to API was smooth and painless due to the customer service team. In addition to receiving better service, we also got the benefit of saving money."

Laura, Office Manager
East Valley Home Builders

Professional Answering Service - A Professional Image, Inc.

A Professional Image, Inc. is a national, full service TeleServices company based in Mesa, Arizona. Since June of 1986, API has provided quality telephone answering, emergency dispatch, order entry, dealer locate and referral services to the entire country at highly competitive prices.

Our mission is to combine the most advanced TeleService technology with good old fashioned professional courtesy to provide our customer's callers with a comfortable format in which to conduct business.

About Our Answering Services
In today's fast paced, "non-human" world, API has found that most callers simply want their VOICE to be heard. They crave reassurance. Reassurance that their message will be delivered accurately and efficiently or that their order will be placed immediately. But mostly, reassurance that their business means something and that customer satisfaction is not a forgotten philosophy. API is the best in providing these services. By focusing our attention on your customer's needs, we provide a higher standard of service to you, our client. When your customers are happy -- you are happy. When you are happy -- we're ecstatic!

Ann Gamertsfelder - President/CEO
In 1986, Ann Gamertsfelder created a legacy for her family that will continue to flourish for years. Ann vowed to go door-to-door to every doctor she could with a business card and a smile while trying to convince them they needed her. Her early experience as a phone operator gave her the foundation and knowledge of how a service works. She then established a successful business teaching piano lessons. She took the experience of both of those and created A Professional Image.

Lori Horton - Vice President
Lori Horton brings many years of experience and education to A Professional Image. After receiving her Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University in Organizational Communication, she set out to help build a successful family business. This required creating a vigorous marketing plan and many hours of hard work and dedication. In addition to her answering service background she also possesses experience in telephone and switch programming. Recently Lori has completed her MBA through Keller Graduate School of Management. This education has expanded her background in financial, marketing, law and business management. Her strong personal and ethical beliefs have helped to establish relationships with API's customers as well as referral sources. Lori's success is the key to API's success!

Chris Horton - Director
A Professional Image Answering Service is proud to have Chris Horton as a member of the team. In recent years he has been very successful in drawing new business from social media platforms, online advertising as well as Medical and Professional associations and acquisitions. Chris came to API over 8 years ago with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry as well as the customer service industry. This included several years with a microwave based wireless company in Seattle providing high speed internet via wireless. He also assisted in the IPhone/AT&T G3 project on the east coast. His background with hardware allowed Chris to develop all redundant systems within API expanding our nation wide foot print serving all of North America. This includes: remote operators, desktop support, A/C and D/C power systems, telephony, database and control servers, network architecture, administration and security. In addition to Chris's technical background, he has been instrumental in assisting in market development, customer growth, and employee programs. Chris represents API on several technical and medical association committees. His expertise is not just important to API but the answering service and medical industry. API is very honored to have Chris as a member of our management team.

Terri Peak - General Manager
A Professional Image is proud to announce Terri Peak as our General Manager. In 2004 API was fortunate enough to employ Terri. She came to us with over 14 years of experience in managing an answering service. This experience came to us at the right time. API was rapidly growing and needed Terri's expertise in developing a program to assist all Telephone Service Representatives in providing the quality of excellence expected on each and every call. Building a successful team of TSR's has given API the success it has today. Terri has shown no fear while taking on any task. She has been a driving force on establishing a superior sales team, developing a company and employee newsletter, creating a training program, and instituting policies and procedures. She also manages API's daily activities including scheduling, payroll, billing, programming and overseeing customer service. API is very privileged to have someone like Terri on our team.



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